About Us

Gotham Soccer League was formed in the Summer of 2006 out of a strong desire for weeknight games of full-field, 11-a-side, 90-minute footy. We know how important the field conditions are for a game, and concentrate on using only the best fields in New York City. We have since grown to become one of New York City's most competitive leagues.

Amateur Men's 11v11 Soccer League

Gotham is dedicated to providing NYC with soccer the way it is meant to be played. We play by FIFA rules with a few exceptions described in our Rules. The level of play is competitive amateur, with two divisions offering differing levels. Many players in the first division played at the US collegiate level or beyond.  And our second division is also made up of experienced players.

Short Sided Leagues

We offer many different short sided leagues across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Most notably our year around Women's 8v8 leagues, 

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Email andrew@gothamsoccer.com with questions about our current or upcoming leagues.