Indoor Soccer Styles

Posted: 10/08/19

Alright, so we want to hear from you. What is it that you are lookin for during the winter months? Do you enjoy playing soccer during the winter? If so, where do you play and why? Email [email protected] and tell us more about how you like to play the beautiful game during the winter!

There are a few different types of indoor soccer and down below we will walk through the various styles of soccer played inside. 

1. Arena Style (with walls) 

What most midwesterners know and think of as indoor soccer is Arena Style or also known as Hockey Style. Small fields walled in on every side with a net extending from the walls up to the rafters. Traditional indoor. 

Now there are a few pros and cons to this. What is nice about Arena style soccer is that it's the most readily available option that exists. But beyond that a huge pro is that the ball never leaves the field and rarely goes "out of bounds" (only possible when the ball touches the net.) This allows for an ever flowing game that is action packed from the second the match starts. And no wasted energy chasing balls. 

A con to this style is that it can be a very compact game that is not very intuitive transition from traditional outdoor soccer. Typically features some odd rules such as the two line rule, and blue cards. The walls can be dangerous as well. Although at the end of the day this just comes down to preference. 

2. Futsal

The next style of soccer played during the winter months is referred to as futsal. Although spelled in many different ways depending on where you are deriving the concept from. Futsal is typically played on a basketball or rubber court, not turf. It's a 5v5 match featuring one goal keeper and 4 field players. 

Pros to futsal are that this is very fast paced game similar to basketball. A lot of touches, a lot of shots, and a lot of excitement. 

One major con is that it does take a long while to adjust to the very different style of soccer. However, this adaptation is great for improving your ball skills both on the court and out on the turf. There is major misconception that you need to be very skillful to play futsal, but that is simply false. You do not need any tricks or flicks to win a match of futsal. It's more of a game of chess than a skill check. So don't hesitate to give futsal a shot, it's for all levels. 

3. Traditional Soccer

The last style of soccer is quite simple. It's soccer played on a normal field, inside a building. These facilities don't exist often, but when they do it's a real treat to play the game the way it's meant to be played protected from all the elements. 

Email [email protected] and tell us more about how you like to play the beautiful game during the winter and see what Gotham is offering.