CLS United are the First Division Summer 2014 Champions!!

Congratulations to CLS United for winning the Summer 2014 Gotham Soccer League First Division! CLS defeated Molon Lave in the Championship game. CLS claimed the trophy after an undefeated Summer season.

ISSC are the GSL Summer 2014 Champions!!

Congratulations ISSC on winning the GSL Summer 2014 Championship. They defeated Zum Schneider 3-1 in the finals.

Parkie's Party People are the GSL Summer 2014 Champions!!

Congratulations to Parkie's Party People for winning the GSL Summer Coed season. They defeated Cunning Stunts 5-1 in the finals at Pier 40.

CPR are the Summer 2014 GSL Women's Champions!!

Congratulations to CPR for winning the Summer 2014 season. CPR defeated Smokin' Aces 4-1 in the finals at BBP.

Molon Lave are the First Division Spring 2014 Champions!

Congratulations to Molon Lave for winning the Fall 2013 Gotham Soccer League First Division! They defeated Bean's Rejects 3-0 in the finals.

OTPHJ FC are the Spring 2014 Second Division Champions!

Congratulations to OPHJ FC for winning the Spring 2014 Gotham Soccer League Second Division. Orchard FC defeated Set Shop Ramblers in the finals. The game finished 1-1. OTPHJ FC sealed their win after 9 rounds of penalty kicks.

Fall 2014 11v11 Weekday Evenings

Men's First Division GP GD PTS
CLS United 266
Set Shop Ramblers214
Zum Schneider FC173
Orchard FC2-11
Brooklyn Red Star2-20
Grampus Swagger 2-60
Hudson FC 2-90
Upcoming Games
Wed, 10/1 @ P40E, 10PMOrchard FC v CLS United
Thu, 10/2 @ RI10, 9PMGrampus Swagg v Zum Schneider
Thu, 10/2 @ P40W, 10PMHudson FC v OTPHJ FC
Tue, 10/7 @ P40W, 10PMOTPHJ FC v CLS United
Wed, 10/8 @ P40E, 10PMGrampus Swagg v Set Shop Ramb
Complete Schedule
Men's Second Division GP GD PTS
Empire FC41010
Zum Schneider Gelb246
Triboro F.C.3-13
Gotham City FC3-43
Brooklyn Gunners2-40
Ballistic FC3-150
Upcoming Games
Wed, 10/1 @ BI, 8PMBrooklyn Gunn v Gotham City F
Mon, 10/6 @ RI70, 9PMZum Schneider v Gotham City F
Tue, 10/7 @ RI10, 9PMISL v RBNY
Wed, 10/8 @ BI, 8PMBallistic FC v Brooklyn Gunn
Tue, 10/14 @ RI10, 9PMEmpire FC v Brooklyn Gunn
Complete Schedule
Women's Division GP GD PTS
NY Smoking Aces91322
Fuel FC9-512
Upcoming Games
Complete Schedule
Coed Division GP GD PTS
Parkie's Party Parade83524
Probable Shenanigans8715
Cunning Stunts8713
Hammer FC8-147
Upcoming Games
Complete Schedule

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